One of Best Resorts in Nepal- Trishuli River Side Resort

One of Best Resorts in Nepal- Trishuli River Side Resort

December 21, 2020

Located at the high-way, Trishuli River Side resort is one of the best resorts in Nepal you can visit to enjoy your vacation inside Nepal. The resort is 65km from Kathmandu, 75 km from Chitwan, and 115 km from Pokhara making it a perfect breakpoint on your travel on Prithivi Highway.

Trishuli River Side Resort expands at an area of 20 ropani, where you can get well equipped A/C Deluxe room if you come with your family, Hostel (Dorm) rooms with multiple beds if you come with your friends, or even in the bamboo cottage and tent if you want to stay. In other words, you won’t have any problems choosing a perfect room to sleep with multiple options.

Why Trishuli River Side Resort is one of the best resorts in Nepal?

Best Foods, Plenty of outdoor activities, nice accommodation, a party vibe that won’t make you bore, and a river to look upon in case you want to enjoy the view. All of these facilities are at Trishuli River Side Resort making it one of the best resorts in Nepal.

So, let’s take a bit more detail on the resort and see what you will be missing if you don’t go there.

Foods at TRS Resort

One of the finest things we can find at Trishuli River Side Resort is its food. It’s deliciously amazing. And the perk is that all the packages contain welcome snacks. So, this is the first thing you will get once you arrive at the resort and get fresh. However, the snacks depend totally on the time you arrive at the resort.

The Evening Snacks includes a whipping buffet of Chiura (Beaten Rice), Chicken Roast, French Fires, Bhatmas Sadeko, Pakoda, and pickles.

Once you are done with the evening snacks, then the dinner will be prepared and served as a buffet. This includes ( Rice (Pulau), Lentils (Daal),  Chicken curry, papad, Calui – Aalu, Spinach,  Pickles, and salads). These items are enough to make you feel like you are attending a Marriage party.

Morning Breakfast is not so recurring so you can get different food items on different days. However, Trishuli River Side Resort provides a set that may include  Bread, Boiled Eggs, Jam and Honey,  Bengal Grams (Chana), Tea/Coffee both in Milk and Water.

Morning Breakfast at TRS Resort

Activities to do at Trishuli River Side Resort

To be one of the acclaimed best resorts of Nepal, one must satisfy its guest with multiple options of entertainment, adventure, and satisfaction.

Just located at the bedside of Trishuli River, TRS resort offers you exciting packages where you can do rafting to hiking.

For more information about what packages they are offering, please visit Trishuli River Side Resort once.

Rafting, Kayaking, and Hiking

Rafting at Trishuli River

When you go on a vacation, one of the best things you can do is to do rafting. Trishuli River Side Resort is popular for river rafting at Trishuli. Additionally, the rafting guide is Uddhav Kadel the owner himself who has years of experience at river rafting.

Other than that, the resort also offers multiple adventurous activities like Kayaking, Hiking, Cliff Climbing, Village Tour, etc. The packages are based on what you will do and how many days you will spend at the Resort, the minimum being just an overnight stay at Trishuli River Side Resort that includes three times foods and a Dorm Room Stay at just Rs. 1400.

Swimming Pool, Camp Fire, Night BBQ, and DJ Party

If you go to Trishuli River Side Resort during Summer Season you can enjoy the relax around the Swimming Pool area or even jump in the pool if you like to.

Besides that, you can enjoy the personal night Camp Fire with Chicken BBQ, and a night DJ party where everyone gathers to enjoy and dance. This is the best moment in the resort.

Badminton, Carom Board, and Ludo

To be claimed as one of the best resorts in Nepal, Trsihuli River Side Resort doesn’t limit itself up to outdoor adventurous games only, so there are games like Badminton which has a national standard court, Carom Board, Ludo, and Chess in case you or your children’s want to do something simple during their stay the resort.

Accommodation Choice at Trishuli River Side Resort

The Resort is occupied with fine well-equipped rooms that have installed A/C’s, attached bathrooms, and proper bedding. Also, the best part about these rooms is that you can watch the Trishuli River raging through the giant stones.

Saying that the 4 storied Trishuli River Side Resort is the largest in its neighborhood and can accommodate around 100 people.

You can check out their pages about Room Tariffs’ at their website. Currently, they have 4 types of Room choices that you can choose according to your budget.

Types of Rooms No. of Rooms
A/C Deluxe Suite Room with River View 20
A/C Dorm Room (Hostel Type) 10
Bamboo Cottage Room 12
Resort Tented Camp Can be arranged as per need

Trishuli River Side Resort as the Highway Resort

The Resort is just located at the Prithivi Highway so that it is very accessible to reach. You can reach the resort within two hours if ride safely.

Since the resort is easily accessible and is under the road map between Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan it is also considered as the Highway Resort. Whereas the actual location of the resort is at  Prithivi Highway, Malinga, Benighat, Dhading.

Trishuli River Side Resort

The workers at the resorts are very friendly and hospitable. They know that you have visited the resort for relaxation and to chill so they will consider that. I stayed at the resort for 2 days and they were very gentle to me. Anyways, that’s what Nepal is famous for good hospitality.

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Rooms at Trisuli Resort

Group Stay

A/C Dorm Room /Group Stay Room


Rs. 2500 per person / night

Deluxe Suite

AC Deluxe Suite Room with River View


Rs. 3500 per person / night

River Beach

Bamboo Cottage Room With River View


Rs. 2500/person / night

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