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One day experience at Trishuli Riverside Resort

September 15, 2020
Trishuli Riversside Resort

We had an amazing stay that Friday, in Trishuli Riverside Resort, at Prithvi Highway, Malinga, Benighat, Dhading 45100. The food was too delicious, and the rooms were pretty warm. We reached the resort at 6 in the evening, and it was totally satisfying that all the snacks were prepared.  Other guests in the bar were enjoying the music and having snacks. And it really amused me that everything from the snacks, lunch, and breakfast were on the package. We got fresh and took our snacks with some chilled beers. The bar and other services were normal. Tough despite the resort being awfully crowded, I like how they managed to deliver the services without displeasing their customers.  

I will describe our stay at Trishuli Riverside Resort at the brief. So, basically its what to expect and what not to, when you plan to go to Trishuli Riverside Resort.  

We booked the Camping and BBQ package and headed towards the resort.  Our entire Spyders Lab team of 10 went on a bike ride to Trisuli. However, you can choose the pickup from the resort van at Kathmandu.  After nearly a two and a half our straight ride, which is a pain in the ass. We reached the resort. The resort wasn’t occupied with many people when we first saw it. So, we decided to choose our rooms later. However, we contacted Uddhav Dai (owner of the resort) and made our Tent settle at the bank of Trishuli River. 

Tent By Trishuli Riverside Resort


Evening Snacks: What you get to eat?


We got freshened up and reached the sidebar for snacks. The lightning was good. And the bar was well decorated too.  So, we took the snacks from the buffets which include ( Chiura (beaten rice), crispy potatoes, bhatmas sadeko (Soybean Salad), Chicken Roast, Veg Pakoda (Pakora),  and other items of pickles. You cannot take the snacks twice, so cover them at once.  We drank some beers as the environment was heating up. Lost in the chats, and fun among ourselves, hearing Trisuli soar, we were relaxed and enjoying the moment.  

The time was passing and the people were dancing to the DJ’s beat. Fair enough, almost everyone was drunk.  So we danced on the beat and it was really, really fun. 


Dinner at Trisuli Riverside Resort: What you get to eat?


The lunch was ready, and the DJ was shouting to stop the music. Although, some extra effort from all of us, made him play the extra 10 minutes.  Others were enjoying the barbecue with the fire and we were still waiting for lunch. Our camp was at the bank so we had our raw chickens getting ready for a barbecue a bit later.
We had lunch, which was mouth-watering. Damn, I still miss those chicken curries. So, the lunch contains
( Rice (Pulau), Lentils (Daal),  Chicken curry, Pappad, Calui – Aalu, Spinach,  Pickles and basically Salads). There was a dance on the other side and food on the other. Everyone was enjoying themselves and having their time. I guarantee you that it was the best time during the whole stay. The time where everyone has energy and everyone is enjoying it.

So, we went down, near our tent where we had the fire prepared for the barbecue.  We asked for the marinated chickens. We lit the fire and prepared our barbecue with a personal speaker and river beside us.  Well, I don’t remember when I went to sleep, but surely, I never felt an ounce of coldness inside the tent, when I slept inside the tent near Trishuli bank.

The next morning, when we woke up, we got freshened up.  After some time, the breakfasts were made ready. Breakfast included ( Bread, Boiled Eggs, Jam and Honey,  Bengal Grams (Chana), Tea/Coffee both in Milk and Water).  And we departed from them having a great time.

Rooms at Trisuli Resort

Group Stay

A/C Dorm Room /Group Stay Room


Rs. 2500 per person / night

Deluxe Suite

AC Deluxe Suite Room with River View


Rs. 3500 per person / night

River Beach

Bamboo Cottage Room With River View


Rs. 2500/person / night

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