Unleash your luxury and adventure at the same place

Trishuli Villa provides a common place for your adventure and luxury staying in Prithvi Highway, Dhading. Plan you next trip here

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Your Trishuli Villa Oasis for Unforgettable Adventures and Serene Retreats.

Trishuli Villa By Trishuli River Side Resort located at Prithivi Highway, Malinga, Benighat, Dhading which is 65Km from Kathmandu, 70 Km from Chitwan and 115 Km from Pokhara. Experience Riverside Bliss at Trishuli River Side Resort: Unwind amidst nature, indulge in campfire BBQ, Adventure Activities, Rafting in Trishuli, while enjoying breathtaking views of the Trishuli River from your private balcony. Your ultimate escape awaits.

Luxury and adventure at the same place. Find the power packed facilities at Trishuli Villa.


Conference Hall

Welcome to our modern Conference Hall, which is 2000 square feet in size and can accommodate all of your event needs. Our hall offers the ideal fusion of size, amenities, and atmosphere whether you’re planning a business conference, seminar, workshop, or any other corporate event. Our Conference Hall guarantees that you may host an impressive crowd while retaining comfort and ease of movement, with seating for up to 300 persons. The layout of the hall has been carefully planned out to support a variety of seating configurations, giving you flexibility to fit the needs of your event.

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